Our Values

To understand our values, you have to understand our story. In March 2020, like all Fort Collins, Colorado residents, we were placed under an isolation order in an attempt to slow the spread of the coronavirus. Our lives drastically changed, as did that of our entire community. 

The normal coping mechanism of community was not available to us. We realized how un-OK we'd become to solitude, boredom, and uncertainty. Our guiding principles are to be ok with isolation, to support our local community, and to provide a reminder of hope to our friends and family in the form of coffee. 

As we’ve carefully grown and cultivated this business, our focus remains on contentment, local community, and hope.

Humans are social creatures. We derive so much joy from other people, though perhaps because of the “always connected” culture, we’ve found ourselves uncomfortable being bored or being alone. We don’t believe it should be this way.

We believe that liking oneself and liking being with oneself is crucial to a life well lived. To set aside the constant comparison and the one-up-manship. To be comfortable with who you are, and to enjoy the quiet.

As strange as it may seem, we find all of that in a cup of coffee. In the late night roasting sessions, in the morning brewing ritual, and in breathing in the aroma of a great cup of coffee between each sip.

We invite you to enjoy the quiet,


Dain roasting coffee