Coffee Brewing Recipes

Here's where we start with every bean, regardless of origin and then we dial it in one variable at a time to get it just right.

Pour Over

    Coffee Maker

    • Mass: 60g
    • Grind size: medium
    • Water: 1.2L @ 200F
    • Instructions: Grind fresh coffee. Follow coffee maker instructions. 


    • Mass: 20g
    • Grind size: medium fine
    • Water: 400g @ 200F
    • Instructions: Grind fresh coffee. Presoak grinds with 40g water. Wait 20 seconds. Add 360g water. Install plunger. Wait 2 minutes. Plunge.


    • Mass: 40g
    • Grind size: medium
    • Water: 600g @ 200F
    • Instructions:


    • Mass: 
    • Grind size: fine
    • Water: 
    • Instructions: 

    Cold Brew

    • Mass: 
    • Grind size: course
    • Water: @ room temp
    • Instructions: 




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