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Questions and Answers

How do you choose what coffee to sell?

We buy from reputable importers like Genuine Origin and Coffee Shrub. They source from small growers with the season.

We look for beans with a SCAA cupping score above 84.

We want you to discover something new without having to worry about getting bad coffee!

Where does the name Isolation Coffee come from?

Isolation Coffee comes from an idea that we should be comfortable with being by ourselves - no distractions, no comparison, no mindless scrolling. Personally, we find that contentment holding a cup of coffee.

Why do you sell that gear?

Our priority is to simplify the decision-making process by offering an extensive selection of options. We only sell gear that we have a genuine passion for. Our dedicated team conducts thorough research and forms partnerships with exceptional manufacturers.

What's different about Isolation Coffee?

We are a direct to consumer roaster with no retail space. We only sell through our website. That allows us to keep our operating costs down, and our prices fair.

While we appreciate the conveniences of modern global commerce, we recognize that a lot of things can be done more economically when we focus local. For example, we don't have to mark up all of our sales to cover the cost of "free" shipping.

We also shop local as much as we can, from labels to legal services, we support Northern Colorado.