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Porlex Mini II - Manual Coffee Grinder

Porlex Mini II - Manual Coffee Grinder

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The Porlex Mini II coffee grinder is the ultimate companion for coffee lovers on the go. Its compact and durable design makes it the perfect addition to any camping, hiking, or backpacking trip. The ceramic burrs provide a consistent grind for a perfect cup of coffee, whether you prefer French press or pour-over. It's easy to use and clean, and the stainless steel body ensures it can withstand the rigors of any adventure. Take your coffee game to the next level with the Porlex Mini II coffee grinder.


- 20g capacity is perfect for a single AeroPress serving or an espresso. 

- High-precision ceramic burrs provide a consistent grind.

- Easy manual adjustment from espresso to french press.

- Stainless steel and ceramic materials are easy to clean and durable.

- Fits in an AeroPress.

Made in Japan with high-quality ceramic burrs and stainless steel parts, this grinder is built to last.

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