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Isolation Coffee

Kenya Lenana

Kenya Lenana

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Our Lenana AB Plus blend, curated by Taylor Winch Kenya, features AB screen size coffees from estates and cooperatives. Grown mainly by smallholders, each with about 200 trees, the ripe cherries were delivered to cooperative wet mills. Processing involved disc pulping, full fermentation, washing, and sun-drying on elevated tables. The consolidated parchment volumes underwent hulling, grading, warehousing, and warranting at dry mills.

Kenyan green coffee beans, particularly SL-28 and SL-34 varietals developed in the 1930s for quality and yield, are known for bold fruit-forward flavors and complex acidity. Following a 1968 coffee berry disease (CBD) epidemic, the CBD-resistant Ruiru-11 varietal gained rapid adoption nationwide.

We taste dark chocolate, cardamom and stone fruit.


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